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61 Feminine Essentials For A Complete Wardrobe
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61 Feminine Essentials For A Complete Wardrobe

The Bare Essentials I am no minimalist. I love to be a bit extra & definitely think more is always more. But if I lost everything, or wanted to start my wardrobe from scratch, these 61 feminine essentials would create a complete wardrobe ready for every season. That’s right! This post includes clothes, outerwear, accessories, …

How I'm Wearing The "Shell" Trend
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How I’m Wearing The “Shell” Trend

Under The Sea Along with the endless hair accessories you can find just about everywhere, there seems to be one other constant theme from retailers recently: shells! Shell accessories are an easy way to stay on trend this spring/summer. Whether it’s a pair of gold shell earrings or a shell woven bag, this trend is …