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Our Valentine's Day + Celebrating 6 Months Of Marriage
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Our Valentine’s Day + Celebrating 6 Months Of Marriage

My Forever Valentine This is our fourth Valentine’s Day together, but this year is the most special of them all. We are officially a family now & since our wedding, our love has only grown. (As cheesy as it sounds…it’s true!) Ben & I wanted to do something special together to celebrate our first married …

The Pink & Parisienne Valentine
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The Pink & Parisienne Valentine

Pretending I Live In Paris When you think of Paris, what comes to your mind? For me, it’s romance, effortless style, hours at the café down the street, & beautiful buildings everywhere. Even the word, Paris, has a dreamy feeling to it. This Valentine’s Day, why not pretend you’re in “The City Of Love” for …

Adding A Cheerful Color To My Wardrobe
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Adding A New Color To My Wardrobe

Yellow I keep catching myself being drawn to the color yellow. Maybe it’s my subconscious wishing for more sunshine & warmth? Or maybe it has something to do with my lemon obsession I’ve had ever since our Italian honeymoon last summer (see here: 1/2/3). Either way, this color is giving me life at the moment. …